Twice a lecturer from abroad has been invited to Sweden to inform about PAS…

 Report from Lena Hellblom Sjögren, March 2016
The desinformation in Sweden on parental alienation is still massive, but I am confident it will change as you cannot shut your eyes for ever about the psychological child abuse going on when children are cut off from one or from both parents without a justified cause.
On two occasions  someone from abroad has been invited to Sweden to lecture about parental alienation.
Once was  in 2011, when ROKS, the national organization for women´s shelters invited Jennifer Hoult, a former prosecutor, now I think practising as a lawyer.
The other occasion was in the autumn 2015 when the same Jennifer Hoult was invited by a new organization, ”Barnskyddsrådet” in Uppsala founded by people, seeing themselves as child protectors.
Jennifer Hoult  gave on both occasions a simplified and defaming desinfomation under the same title  as her article she has written: The Evidentiary Admissibility of Parental Alienation Syndrome: Science, Law, and Policy.
On the net I found  a Jennifer Hoult, who in the early 1990s said that she as an adult had recovered her repressed memories of her father having sexually abused and raped her when  she was a child. So I wrote to my colleagues in the US:
Is she the same person that sued her father David, a medical doctor, based on her alleged recovered memories of being sexually abused and raped by him during her age of 4-17?

One of those I asked reported back:

Jennifer Hoult is on my list of crazy detractors. She did indeed sue her father, a MIT math professor. The professor & his lawyer thought Jennifer’s accusations were so far fetched that no one in their right mind would believe them. I think they even went to trial without an expert…….. And lost. 

Jennifer Hoult  in the 1990s thus claimed she had got so called repressed memories of her father´s sexual assauts – including repeated rapes – during her years 4-17, memories that she then as an adult had started ”recover”. This text from the web June 28, 2009 tells about it:

Jennifer Hoult – Article on Parental Alienation Credibility is Suspect

The Evidentiary Admissibility of Parental Alienation Syndrome: Science, Law, and Policy

I wanted to find out more about the writer of the article above and found this.  Apparently Ms. Hoult, now an attorney, realized that there is big dollars in prosecuting for “repressed memories” and like a lot of rabid feminist attorneys, attack parental alienation, not on its merits, but because by keeping false allegations and repressed memories as part of the family law cycle, they can keep making $$Billions of Dollars in Legal fees, and keep the cycle of child abuse alive.

HOULT [MASSACHUSETTS] David Hoult, 68, was arrested and sent to prison
in October 2003. The now-retired MIT professor Hoult was originally
accused by his daughter, Jennifer, who had begun therapy in the fall
of 1984 with an unlicensed New York psychotherapist for problems that
included divided loyalties surrounding her parents’ divorce. Jennifer
recovered memories that she had been abused, and she sued her father
in 1988, claiming she had been molested from the ages of 4 years to 17
years, hundreds if not thousands of times and sometimes with many
family members nearby. She claimed that she buried these memories
until she was 24 years old.

The case went to trial in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts (Hoult
v. Hoult, 1993). Jennifer Hoult was on the stand for three days and
had experts to support her. David Hoult’s attorney had no experts or
even character witnesses. The attorney apparently believed that the
implausibility of the “memories” would be enough. He thought wrongly.
A Massachusetts jury awarded Jennifer $500,000 that David Hoult never
paid, the reason he is now in prison.”


What Jennifer Hoult said in 2011 on the feminist meeting in Sweden about parental alienation was reported in ”Feministic Perspective” (by Gerda Christensson 2011-11-11) under the heading:

PAS make abused children mute

”There is a wide spread myth that mothers in custody battles make up that their children have been abused by the father, according to the participants on the ROKS conference…

Earlier those who urge the PAS-theory said that PAS was on its way to be included among scientifically  accepted diagnoses in he US, but with time there are fewer who tick to that. PAS s not a scientifically approved diagnosis. On the contrary it has been dismissed by most psychologists and medical doctors in the US.”


DSM – the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is not based on science, but is an internationally used manual, in Sweden used in combination with ICD – International Classification of Diseases, a manual much more used internationally.

In the issue DSM-5, published in 2015 there are four diagnoses with reference to damages caused by cutting children off from half of their family root system and influence them to reject those whom they have been cut off from. These four diagnoses are:

child affected by parental relationship distress

parent-child relational problem

child psychological abuse

factitious disorder

POETRY 2013 2 200502_Grass_Roots

Back to what was written in 2011 referring to the invited ”expert” Jennifer Hoult on the ROKS-conference and her false not fact based statements :

”Gardner witnessed to the benefit of men in about 400 legal cases in the US. No one checked his background, or if he was what he gave himself out as. He gave himself out as an expert – a professor at Columbia University. In reality he had an unpaid position as a volunteer at the university, while he earned his money by giving witness in court trials.

Jennifer Hoult also told that Richard Gardner wrote a lot of books that he published by his own  publishing house…

Jennifer Hoult also commented on Gardner´s minimizing of sexual abuse of children. She meant that from a pedophile perspective Gardner´s theory becomes logical.

– The only abuse then taking place is the alienation, as the incest is not seen as abuse.”

Other lecturers who agreed with Jennifer Hoult, the alleged victim of her father´s abuse of her as a child, were Eva Diesen, presented as a legal professional specialized in children´s rights, sexual crimes and animal protection, and Eva Kornhall a lawyer defending mothers against fathers, who said:

-PAS exists  to make excuses for what children tell about sexual abuse. PAS makes the children keep silent. Through PAS the society makes the children hold their tongues…

-The father´s right to his children has bigger importance than the children´s right to a safe upbringing.

-Only 3% av cases reported to the police lead to verdicts of guilt, and these are mostly the cases where the man has confessed…

At the end of the conference the question of how it could be that such a, according to Eva Kornhall,  false doctrine could have had such an impact. She was of the opinion that it was due to ”unlikely clever lobbying.”

-Behind there are financially strong pedophile groups.”


The symposium in Uppsala in 2015 was called “Children´s statements”, and was  arranged by a cooperative organization formed in 2012 called “Barnskyddsrådet”/Child protection council.” In this organization you can find persons from organizations  and authorities such as Save the children, the social services, the  Academic hospital  in Uppsala, the school, the preschool, and the “Barnombudsmannen In Uppsala”.

The chair of the last organization, Lisa Skiöld also chaired the symposium. She translated from my information pamphlet about my book THE CHILD´S RIGHT TO FAMILY LIFE. 25 SWEDISH CASE STUDIES OF  PARENTAL ALIENATION  to Jennifer Hoult, JF, before this lady started her lecture as the last speaker.

Jennifer Hoult  started with referring to the dinner conversation she had had the evening before with the organizers  and gave her experiences on children´s statements. She said she had had about 1000 cases as a prosecutor/counselor and that children do not lie about sexual abuse. She stated:

–          It is extremely unusual with false accounts of sexual abuse, about 2 %.

 She went on saying  that  children very easily can be abused and often are in a very short time, also with other people around. It doesn´t take many seconds to put a finger in the child´s vagina for the pedophile, or to abuse the child while the person accompanying looks away.

The child for visitation pays a visit to the toilet. JF gave high figures on the numbers of girls – and boys (good of her to not forget that boys can be sexually abused) – that are sexually abused in the states.

 JF heavily criticized the system in the US, that according to her does not handle sexual abuse cases in a correct way and that does not punish the pedophiles, but let them go.

–          Not potential harm but real serious harm is often not enough for state intervention. Children have no standing and no rights.

She then turned to criticize PAS and above all Richard Gardner. She showed and read out loud a lot of what she said was his opinion that pedophilia was something natural and good. Here is from my notes, please be aware that I can have missed words and meaning as I did not audio record what she said:

–          There is an assumption that bad-mouthing of one parent makes the child turn against that parent. That is not true.

–          If you don´t like your parent does that make you mentally ill?

–          Gardner presented PAS as a medical methodology which it is not.

–          Gardner published a lot of litterature on his own.

–          He was not alive for me to ask him how  pedophilia and necrophilia can support the species as he wrote.

She waved with the information pamphlet about my book, and said that Lisa (the chair) had translated it to her and she said:

–          It says that parental alienation is the worst form of psychological abuse towards a child. It is what they all say. That is not true!

 She turned to the audience (about 40 people, most women) and asked us if we knew the solution by king Salomon with the two women fighting over one child.

–          This is what we do, we slice up the children´s time.

–          You do not diagnose a fracture from something done by another person.

–          Gardner was an unemployed in Colombia university, a volunteer. No one controlled his affiliation.

JH then gave more figures on pedophilia – with no mentioning of her sources for these figures.

–          20 % of cases of pedophilia consist of penetration of children in dipers.

She cited Matt 7:15 Beware wolves in sheep´s clothing.

–          One pedophile had committed 300 cases of rape when he was caught! Most of the pedophiles walk without punishment.

–          It takes a few seconds to rape a child.

When JH then turned to talk about  “Reunification Therapy” I made these  notes from her speech:

–          It is a lot of money, but no medical treatment.

–          They spend a week threatening the child.

–          Threaten the child that the child will never see the other parent again.

–           Isolation, threatening the children with no one there to be their advocates – IT IS BRAINWASHING.

JH referred to the Geneva  convention on torture, article 1 and stated:

–          Reunification therapy constitutes torture of children.

–          It is also a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Freedom of thought, freedom of speech.

She was told she had gone out of time and finished her speech with referring to the good intentions to help and the help there is for all those who have been abused_

–          There is help out there for all who have been abused.

Then there was time for questions sent by sms from the audience to the chair who picked some out.

I did not write those questions down, I just made notes about some of the things Jennifer Hoult  said in her answers:

–          There are many judges who violate the rules of law. They order the children reunification therapy without a proceeding.

–          The rule of law is not in rule.

–          A parent can put pressure on a child but it doesn´t  neccesarily turn the child against  the other parent. Alienation is as estrangement.

–          My position is that it is a violation of the child´s human rights to force the child to love the other parent.

–          If you use money for reunification therapy you will not have contact with your child and grand children. My advice is to respect the child´s will.


Jennifer Hoult doesn´t give her audience information based on research and empirically proved facts.

A new study has demonstrated that by use of the PARQ – Parental Acceptance-Rejection Questionnaire, developed by Ronald Rohner et al, alienated children can clearly be distinguished from estranged children (2016, Bernet, W., Öngider-Gregory, N., Reay, K.M., Rohnerm R.P. An Objective Measure of Splitting in Parental Alienation: The Parental Acceptance-Rejection Questionnaire, article under publication)

Based on human experiences,  science, and empirical observations we know that children need close contact with both parents for their healthy development. They  need their love and acceptance, and need to be allowed to love both their parents – without having to choose one of them.

Children can easily be influenced, mostly in combination with separation, to reject the parent the child is separated from. Love/acceptance from the parents (or those who are there for the child like parents) is the child´s basic need and it is in accordance with the national legislation of children´s rights, and in accordance with universal human rights, and with article 8 in the European Declaration of Human Rights.