Important calls available, message from Elaine Cobb, Family Access Fighting for Children´s Rights

Hello everyone,I am sending another email to you in regards to the replays of a few of our international seminar calls These calls are calls we have chosen as a few of the top calls we have had over the past 8 years. Some of these calls you have asked to be replayed. Others many never had the opportunity to hear. Please note that we will not be adding all calls now to this web page. This is just a select group.

We are certain these calls will help both the professionals involved in the world of alienation as well as the alienated family members themselves.These calls give much education regarding alienation in many different facets. They also will give much support as well. These presenters on these calls are some of the top experts in the world regarding alienation.

Please also note the cost of the playback is for 1 time and must be listened to the day you register to hear the specific call that you register for.

Here is a listing of the calls selected and the names of the presenters. Note there are summaries of each call on our web page for these calls.

Dr. J Michael Bone-”The Brainwashing that is Parental Alienation: How can this Happen?”

Dr. Robert Evans / Dr. J Michael Bone- ”When They Say you Can’t Prove it: The Robust Research About Parental Alienation”

Dr. Steven Miller-”Logical Fallacies and Flawed Analyses: A Review of the Most Common Serious Arguments Used to Criticize Alienation Science in Court and Elsewhere”

Dr. Steven Miller-”Twelve Essential Principles of Cognitive Science for Alienated Parents and Their Attorneys”

Dr. Colleen Murray-Parenting and Co-Parenting After Alienation”

Robert Hoffman-”How to Litigate and Otherwise Manage a Case of Parental Alienation”

Linda Gottlieb-”Escaping the Therapy Trap: Making Contraindicated Traditional Reunification Work for You”

Linda Gottlieb-”Uncovering the Alienated Child’s Feelings and Needs”

Dr. Amy Baker-”Identification of Parental Alienation”

Dr. William Bernet-The Five-Factor Model for the Diagnosis of Parental Alienation”

Dr. William Bernet-”Misinformation and Fake News Regarding Parental Alienation”

Our goal in making these calls readily available in hopes they help in some way in bringing these children and grandchildren to their God given families. The moneys coming in for these calls will be used to pay for these being available in this manner as well as other projects we will be doing in the coming year to bring more education to the abuse of alienation and how to bring the awareness and knowledge to those that need it. God bless. ​​​
For our families,Elaine