Viktig dom för barn som får en förälder oberättigat fientliggjord

Rykande färsk dom från den 2 november 2021 sänd av advokat Asish Joshi och förmedlad av Family Access-Fighting for Children´s Rights och här vidareförmedlad av Lena Hellblom Sjögren

An important new verdict from Nebraska – important for all the children who without justification are cut off from a natural contact with one parent and influenced to have that parent made into a dangerous enemy

PARENTAL ALIENATION. Hot off the press!

The Nebraska Court of Appeals issued a BRILLIANT decision today in which it affirmed a change of custody in a parental alienation/gatekeeping case. The court affirmed a trial judge’s decision that found the alienating parent in contempt, sentenced the parent to 15 days in JAIL (subject to a purge plan) and ordered the parent to pay the targeted parent thousands of dollars in sanctions.In reaching its decision, the trial court also noted the false allegations of abuse that had been made against targeted parent. The trial court also expressed concerns that the child had been coached with respect to his testimony by both the alienating parent and the child’s therapist.A great WIN for the targeted parent and here’s to a new beginning.

Case Detail: Griepenstroh v. Proctor, Nebraska Court of Appeals No. A-20-738, issued on 11/2/21.To read the decision, click here:…/files/a20-738m.pdf#parentalalienation #parentalalienationattorney #litigatingparentalalienation
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