Om föräldrafientliggörande i TV-show som snart startar regelbundet varje vecka

About Parental Alienation weekly on television

Forwarded from Elaine Cobb

by Lena Hellblom Sjögren November 12, 2021

Family Access – Fighting for Children’s Rights 

Hello everyone,

We are now going to be on weekly on the NOW Network Television. This is HUGE
for the world of alienation. We are extremely excited about this opportunity.
We have been working nonstop since Tuesday morning with much more to do.
We will begin filming the first week of December. There are many things
we need to make this the best that it can be. We need your help in many areas.

1. We need donations. This is a costly endeavor and we need contributions. No amount is too small. As much as you can give will be greatly appreciated. We are 501 C-3 and you may get a deduction on your taxes if you like. To make donations, please click on the link below.

 2. We need volunteers!! If you worked in the field of television, we could use your help. Volunteers are greatly appreciated.

3. Most importantly, we need prayer. 

Thank you all so much!!!
For our families,
Elaine Cobb                   
– Fighting for Children’s Rights