March 31 2022 Forwarded from Family Access Fighting for Children´s Rights

Just wanted to share 2 success stories I have learned about over the last 3 days. The first is a grandmom who had not seen her granddaughter for 2,550 days. They met in a park. As soon as the granddaughter saw her grandmom, she went running to her with arms wide open!

The second is a mom of an alienated adult son. She went to see her son at college, and he met us twice, including once for dinner and we spent a few hours with him. When she returned home, she sent him a text that it was good to see him, and that she was proud of him and he texted back “thank you” a couple of days later. But the best of all – when she was parking in the parking lot of the restaurant, she gave him a brief hug and told him she loved him, and he SAID IT BACK. It was softly said, but she knows what she heard. Awesome news on both counts. Don’t give up. I know that I won’t!!!

Also in your responses to my email yesterday, many are looking for reunification therapists and expert witnesses for court. If you are either of those, please email me at I am going to make a separate web page on our website for those that are. We receive over 2,000 hits a week to our website. Thank you for all the many responses. Please continue to let me know your thoughts. How are you liking Families Divided TV?