About Lena Hellblom Sjögren

I’m a researcher and licensed psychologist since 1975,  practicing since 1991  as an investigative forensic psychologist in my own one woman company called Testimonia. Mostly I make investigations in complicated custody and sexual abuse cases, and  after that I am called to present and to answer questions  regarding my investigations in court. I have been in courts all over  Sweden, also often in Norway and occasionally in some other countries. Until October 2014 the number of investigated cases is well above 250. Often I lecture, also on international conferences, and write articles and books. Two wide concepts might  summarize my work done in different fields,  also before this investigative work : democracy and human rights, see “history” below.


Work experiences

1973-1991 Researcher, pedagogue, active within adult education, and as a school psychologist, editor, writer.

1991- Researcher, occasionally lecturer at Stockholm and Södertörn university (within a course for social workers called “Law within social work”), writer.

1991-2014 Forensic psychologist making independent investigations (in about 250 cases mostly followed up in court) in complicated sexual criminal cases and custody cases – work being done within my consulting company Testimonia KB.

2003-2009 Half time psychologist working in team with diagnosing and helping patients with brain damages (within the so-called “Habiliteringen, Västmanlands läns landsting”).


2006 Modern Diagnoses, course within higher education for psychologists, Stockholm

1990/91 Post Doc Education in Interpretation and Witness Psychology, Stockholm University

1987 Introduction in Law, Stockholm University

1985  PhD in social sciences, the Institution for pedagogy, Stockholm University

1975  Independent psychologist, licensed psychologist after advanced studies in Uppsala and Stockholm university.

1973  Assistant psychologist after studies in Lund university.

Other relevant information

1971-2016 Lecturer at a number of national and international conferences. Given birth to four children: 1969, 1973, 1990, 1992. Grandmother of five until 2016.


*Teached in Stockholm university on the first level of education for psychologists, co-ordinated a two day seminar about education under the heading “The school lives” 1975, co-edited and wrote a book: 1976. Skolhandboken/The School Handbook, Stockholm.

* Was in a group that after this seminar started a new critical magazine on school issues, called KRUT/Critical Magazine on Education, where  I worked as an editor for ten years.

* Worked as an assistant school psychologist in a research project aiming at preventing stigmatization of pupils as fall-outs or criminals in a southern suburb to Stockholm, edited a book about that work in 1977 : Skola I förort/School in suburb, Stockholm Liber Läromedel.

*Worked with study circles and researching democratic initiatives in Sweden and abroad  in the struggle for work, published a book about it 1981: Kampen för jobben. En handbook/ The struggle for work. A handbook. Stockholm, Rabén & Sjögren.

*After research on the experiences from people in two old iron industrial villages  my doctorial thesis was published as a book in 1985: Från primitiv till organiserad demokrati/From primitive to organized democracy, Stockholm, Salamander.

*1990/91  I took a one year post-doc course in Stockholm university in Methods of interpretation and witness psychology, and started research and investigations in alleged sexual abuse cases and high conflict custody cases.

*Paused a little while having my fourth child in 1992 and published a book: Folkskolan 150 år. Bildning och demokrati/The folk´s  school 150 år. Education and democracy. Stockholm, 3V-förlaget.

*As I also was asked to make investigations in Norway and Denmark (occasionally some other countries: Åland, Denmark, Ireland, England, Finland ) and was taking part in seminars for professionals there (publishing some articles) I co-edited a Norwegian book mainly with contributions from the lecturers presenting on a seminar with Richard Gardner in Oslo October 6-8, 1994:  1997.  Holgerson, A., Hellblom Sjögren (Eds.) Seksuelle overgrep mot barn – et kritisk perspektiv/Sexual Child Abuse – A Critical Perspective, Bergen-Sandviken, Fagbokforlaget, and I contributed to a book in Danish 1998: “Deviant or normal? Who decides – and with what criteria?” in  Rantoft, J. (Ed). På den anden side. 10 indlaegg I pedofildebatten/On the other hand. 10 contributions to the debate on pedophilia. Copenhagen. Paedagogisk Medhjaelperforbund.

*Organized three Nordic two-day seminars in Stockholm 1995, 1996, 1997 with participating lawyers, psychologists, criminologists and other professionals from Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland in a Folks High School on an island called Skeppsholmen in Stockholm (below the Modern museum). The fourth seminar, I together with others organized, in 1998, was Nordic and International with lecturing scholars on memory and suggestibility, from the US, Elisabeth Loftus, from Canada, Campbell Perry, from the UK, Jean La Fontaine, from UK and Iceland, Gisli Gudjonsson, from Paris and the US, Sherill Mulhern.

Three families with both parents and children were invited to tell  about their experiences of having had their lives constructed instead of reconstructed: from Norway (the so called Bjugn-case), from Finland (the so-called Niko-case), from Sweden (the so-called Teacher-case)

* I published my first investigated case of parental alienation and three more cases along with presentation of research on memory, suggestibility, reliable methods of interrogation and statistics: 1997 in my book Hemligheter och minnen. Att utreda till förlitlighet I sexualbrottmål/Secrets and memories. To investigate reliability in sexual criminal cases. Stockholm, Norstedts Juridik.

*In 2009 I received a scholarship during three years from a private foundation for my research project “The child´s best interests and the child´s human rights”. 25 of 60 cases were presented in my book  2012, 2013. Barnets rätt till familjeliv. 25 svenska fallstudier av föräldraalienation/The child´s right to  family life. 25 Swedish case studies of parental alienation. Lund, Studentlitteratur, Rimbo/Stockholm, 3V-förlaget.


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