Wish to harm?

Some thoughts by Lena Hellblom Sjögren 2017-01-08, about

Harming a parent by taking control – also of the children´s mind


Ph.D. Jennifer Harman was interviewed by Traci L. Slatton on January 5, 2017. Dr. Harman is the co-author with Ph.D. Zeynep Biringen to the informative book:

Parents Acting Badly. How Institutions and Societies Promote the Alienation of Children from Their Loving Families, based on their research in the Colorado Parental Alienation Project.

Jennifer Harman in her 60 minutes  ”Traci Slatton Podcast” interview,

about parental alienation, stressed her conclusion about the alienating

parent´s drive to harm the other parent. 

The eager to harm a parent by excluding her or his children, totally or partially of her or his life, I have seen during 25 years not only in the parents taking control but also in authority figures who take over parental authority.

The deep and often irreversible damages to the children this causes they do not care about.


– Alienated children feel no guilt towards the parents they reject.

It is different with children who are estranged or have been abused,

they remain ambivalent.


I think it is dangerous to have more and more people growing up influenced to think of the world in black – white. Young people who have had their minds kidnapped this way as they grew up are more easily recruited to fundamentalistic groups.

The eagerness to harm a parent harms the children and thereby also the whole society.