En timmes föredrag av Lynn Steinberg 22 november

Dr. Lynn Steinberg

Information from Family Access – Fighting for Children’s Rights

 On Sunday, November 22, 2020 from 8-9 PM EST, Dr. Lynn Steinberg will be our guest speaker for our international seminar calls.This call is of no charge to anyone joining us on the initial call. It is a ministry of Family Access-Fighting for Children’s Rights. We are fortunate to have the top experts in the world regarding alienation on our calls. If you are an alienated family member or a professional who deals in alienation, these calls are of great importance to you I can assure you. The knowledge and support given on these calls is critical in helping these children and grandchildren in having a much better opportunity to have a relationship with ALL their family. Please take advantage of them. There are now 39 countries that participate on these calls with well over 1,000 participants. You have the option to call in on our conference line, audio skype or download our desk top app.

When targeted parents discover that they have been alienated from their child or children, they are likely to experience a tsunami of powerful emotions—shock, pain, disbelief, confusion, paralysis, and many others. In this very practical presentation, Dr. Lynn Steinberg will review how alienated parents and grandparents can recognize what is happening—not only to recognize the alienation itself, but related behaviors such as manipulative behavior by the alienating parent and dysfunctional behavior by the alienated child or children. Although she will review some of the well-known features of parental alienation her main focus will be on how to document the most relevant and important behaviors for the benefit of mental health and legal professionals, that is, for therapists, evaluators, attorneys, and courts. Having such skills can make the difference between a good outcome and a poor one. More specifically, Dr. Steinberg will present techniques that targeted parents and grandparents can use to expose and (hopefully) neutralize various alienating strategies. 
There’s an old saying: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s important for targeted parents to keep this in mind. Although it’s understandable that targeted parents can present with the Four A’s—that is, to come across as Anxious, Agitated, Angry, and Afraid—that can be a recipe for disaster when dealing with anyone, even your friends and family, let alone court-appointed professionals.
How can targeted parents make a good impression—or, for that matter, the best impression? Why might an abusive alienating parent present better than a non-abusive alienated parent? What can alienated parents do to get their messages across? Dr. Steinberg will address these and related points. Meanwhile, a short answer would be to remember the Four C’s—to be Cool, Calm, Charming, and Convincing. Unfortunately, for reasons to be discussed, alienating parents tend to be better at this than targeted parents. Likewise, it’s important to keep in mind another old saying: You need to sell yourself before you can sell your positions or opinions.
Indeed, that might be the single most important thing for alienated parents to keep in mind, especially when dealing with professionals, many of whom are likely to be skeptical, if not dismissive, of any parent who presents with the Four A’s. That is likely to be all the more important if the child or children have expressed a strong preference for one parent—the favored parent—over the other.
If you are one of those “other” parents—or if you are a mental health or legal professional who works with such parents—this presentation should be very helpful.

​Trained in the Family Systems model, Dr. Steinberg works with families, couples, groups and individuals.  She has specialized in working with children and adults abused as children for more than 40 years.

She worked in the courts as an expert on sexual abuse with children, adults and in the work place.

Her interest and background grew naturally to embrace the psychological abuse of Parent Alienation, which she has specialized in for the last 10 years.  This includes false accusations of sexual abuse.

She offers a Four Day Intensive Family Reunification program for Alienated Parents and their alienated children.  It takes place in Los Angeles.

She is an expert witness in Parent Alienation in the Children’s Court and Family Court.  She can also testify to the treatment of members of the Alienated Family and assist with Court Appearances.

Dr. Steinberg is also a trained Mediator and has mediated for the Superior Court.

Because this call is an hour call, we will not be submitting any questions. All callers MUST be registered by Sunday, November 22, 2020 no later than 5 PM EST. To register, email familyaccessinnc@aol.com.