Delat föräldraansvar och delat boende – konferens 5-6 dec – du kan delta online

Two Days to Go and 900 Registrants…and Counting!

Balancing the needs of children in separated and divorced families for the active and responsible involvement of both parents in their lives, with their needs for safety and protection from exposure to violence, is the challenge facing legal and mental professionals. We strive to attain meaningful family law reform and establish best practices in our work with children and families. This is the focus of the Fifth International Conference on Shared Parenting, which will bring scholars and practitioners from the fields of post-separation parenting and family violence together to explore the many questions related to the conference theme: the intersection of shared parenting and family violence. Our goal is to find common ground to help national and international parenting associations devise and advance standards of practice, policies, and protocols for the safe, fair and specialized practice of developing and adjudicating parenting arrangements after separation, including shared parenting, in cases where family violence is an issue of concern.

With two days to go before the conference, which will feature 20 plenary and 40 workshop presentations, together with moderated live discussions and “hallway chats” facilitated by leading international scholars and practitioners, we have surpassed 900 registrations of delegates from over 50 countries. These numbers reflect both the high degree of international interest and support for family law reform in the direction of shared parenting, and the need for the development of policies, guidelines, and procedures regarding parenting and co-parenting after separation in the context of family violence such as education and training requirements, screening procedures for family violence, specialized interventions to ensure safety when family violence is an issue of concern, and safe alternatives to shared parenting in cases of family violence. The conference will conclude with a list of recommendations based on key conclusions from the conference presentations and discussions.

Now is the time for us to make one final push to get us over the 1,000 threshold in regard to attendees. Please get the word out to your colleagues and networks in the scientific, professional practice, and civil society sectors. The conference will provide a unique opportunity for dialogue on important issues too long neglected and avoided, and the chance to contribute to meaningful family law reform and best practices in both the mental health and legal professional realms. I look forward to meeting you over what promises to be an exciting and fruitful two days of transformative dialogue!

See you at the conference!

Edward Kruk

President, International Council on Shared Parenting

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