Internationella telefonsamtal med PA-experter organiserade av alienerad mor och farmor i USA – du kan vara med om du följer riktlinjerna

Elaine Cobb – family access fighting for children’s rights
photo taken and added by Lena Hellblom Sjögren
Hello everyone,Our call last night with Ashish Joshi was an excellent call. There was an extreme amount of information given for both the alienated family members and the professionals to use in suing for damages to make alienators and their enablers pay. So very thankful to Ashish for presenting this for us. We had 1,117 participants on this call. There would have been more, but did not make the call.I can not emphasize the importance of these international seminar calls and how they can help families and professionals through the hell on earth called alienation. Being on these calls and receiving this wealth of information is extremely valuable to all. These are the top experts in this field as our guests. Many have been helped through these calls to reunite with their family members. There are some things that need to be addressed though. This was the absolute worst in getting prepared for than any in the 8 years I have been doing these calls. Why? Because many of you chose not to adhere to the guidelines we must have for these calls.I wish that I could help you understand what all has to be done to make these calls a success. Much goes on behind the scenes. You not adhering to deadlines and guidelines causes many problems. It also many times prevents you from being on the calls. I am listing below the guidelines. These must and will need to take place for you to be on these calls. Understand I want to help all of you, but I need you to do your part as well. Remember I now am dealing with well over 1,000 people on a regular basis. Help me help you.1.) When registering, I need your full name, location and the phone number you will be calling from. I do not need fake information. I screen people regularly. If you give me fake information, I will permanently ban you from calls and emails. 2 got banned this week for this reason. No one sees your information but me. I do not share your info. No need to be dishonest. 2.) The deadlines that I give to you are extremely important. They have very important reasons for being there. Not adhering to these deadlines many times costs you from being on the calls. It is crossing many boundaries by not following them and shows a lack of respect for what we do. You are not the only person involved here. You are not the only person alienated and going through a tough time. I too am not just an alienated grandmom, I am an alienated mom from my only child. I know the pain. I know how hard it is. But I choose to do what I need to do to help others and this cause. Please choose to help yourself by doing what needs to be done for getting to your families. Also professionals are needing to follow these guidelines as well. No one is exempt from them. 3.) In submitting a question, these are your guidelines.a) It must be submitted no later than the date given in the promo. b) It must be in relation to the subject of the call) Your complete submission can only be a total of 3 sentences. This does not mean combining sentences with commas making me think they are just 3 sentences. They will not be submitted. There were over 275 submissions this past time for Ashish. 89 were submitted. Make certain you read the promo for the call I email you. Then take the time to word it the way it needs to be to follow these guidelines. 4.) Deadline to register for these calls via email and/or skype is a firm deadline of 5 PM Eastern time in the US. You have plenty of emails and notice as to this. There is no excuse at all for not complying. You get plenty of time.a) Some register and then lose the info. I ask you on the info sent to please not lose the info. I got literally a couple of hundred emailing me they lost the info or it was not sent. I then have to go through my name search of you and pull it back up and resend. That is something you could do on your end to help. I literally get thousands of emails for these calls each time. Please help with this. You also contact me after the deadline to say you don’t have the info. I ask you regularly to do this before the 5 PM deadline on that Sunday. Many ignore that. Please help with this.
5) No one has permission to share the call in info. Everyone needs to register through here. Thank you for inviting people. But please have them email.
6) No one has permission to record our calls. These are property of Family Access-Fighting for Children’s Rights.
7) Please do not call in on a blocked number. We have had issues with trolls in the past. I need to see your number. No 800 numbers as well.
I am so very sorry for the length of this email. I wish it did not have to be sent. I do care for all of you. Know that. I would not be spending hours and hours a day and week and month doing this if I did not. No salary either. My happiness is knowing you are helped. Please understand and help me with this. Thank you!
For our families,
Elaine Cobb 
Added 8 December 2020

Hello everyone,
I now have Ashish Joshi’s call from last night ready for you to purchase for a one time replay. It is available for most countries as a free long distance call except sadly Canada. Once you register, please email me and let me know when you wish to listen to the call. This is an excellent call to help both professionals as well as family members. Here is the link below to go to our international seminar replay page.

For our families,
Elaine Cobb