Vidaresändning av meddelande från Elaine Cobb, Family Access Fighting for Childrens´ Rights
Hello everyone,

Our webinar last night with Dr. Colleen Murray was exceptional! She presented excellent techniques in regards to connecting with your child. As we know they can get very argumentative, but we must remember this is not really coming from the child as Dr. Murray shows us in this presentation. She gives very practical ideas for you in helping you to understand how and what to do. Many great reviews! Thank you again to Dr. Murray for this wonderful presentation.
If you wish to see the replay of this webinar, please go to our international replay page, scroll down to Dr. Murray’s picture and register for the replay. Here is the link to connect.https://www.familyaccessfightingforchildrensrights.com/international-seminar-replays.html
Thank you too goes to Rhonda and Art in sharing their success story. What a blessing!!
For our families,Elaine Cobbwww.familyaccessfightingforchildrensrights.com