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”Structuring a Reconciliation Therapy Intervention”

We will now begin at 7 PM EDT with a success story of alienated family members. Hearing from those who have reunited is an encouragement to all of us. This event we will have a  mom who was alienated from her daughter and is now reunited.  Please join us early to see and hear from these family members.

On Sunday, August 15, 2021 from 8-9 PM EDT, Brian Ludmer, B. Comm, LLB, will be our guest presenter for our international webinar. We are averaging over 1,100 participants in 41 countries for our events. The initial event is of no charge to anyone. This is a ministry of Family Access-Fighting for Children’s Rights.

Because this is a one hour webinar, there will be no questions submitted for this event.

Click on the link below to register via Zoom


​Deadline to register for this webinar event is Sunday, August 15th by 6 PM EDT. Please make  this deadline so you do not miss this event!

Given the pervasive failure of therapeutic interventions in the context of high conflict divorce (and parental alienation), the continued unstructured referrals of families by the Courts to therapy is problematic.

Brian’s presentation will focus on how to structure a therapeutic or psychoeducational intervention while the children are still also living primarily or perhaps exclusively with the favoured parent.

Even if successful (because the family system requires a temporary timeout for the favoured parent), there may be much learned and crucial reports obtained from this process, which will embolden the Court to order a protective separation of the children.

Further, if progress is made, it can also inform the Court about longer-term remedies and expanded parenting time, building on the more recent successes.

Brian Ludmer is a Canadian attorney whose practice focuses on cases involving high conflict custody battles, denial of parenting time and parental alienation, as well as high net worth financial disputes. He is also a business and securities law attorney with over 32 years of experience.
Brian is the Legal Column Editor and Writer for the bi-monthly newsletter of the Parental Alienation Study Group, an organization of professionals and others interested in the area with members world-wide.
Brian is a frequent speaker for Family Access and is widely quoted in multiple media sources on family law issues. Brian has spoken at the first International Conference of the Parental Alienation Study Group in Washington in October 2017, for the Canadian PA Forum -a three-day conference – in 2009 and for PAAO, the Children’s Rights Council, the Canadian Equal Parenting Coalition and other organizations across Canada and the United States. Brian was also a featured speaker at the first Annual Conference of the European Association of PA Practitioners in London UK in August 2018. Brian has also been speaking to the Ontario Canada hospital network on PA Diagnosis and Therapy.
Brian works as special counsel with US and Canadian attorneys and mental health professionals to assist targeted parents and grandparents. He has assisted in cases across Canada, the US.and overseas.
Brian’s book: The High Conflict Custody Battle, which he co-wrote with Dr. Amy Baker and Dr. Michael Bone in 2015, is a resource that has been of assistance to countless families.
Brian’s cases often involve custody disputes over parenting time. Brian’s cases have set important jurisprudence on the field of family law disputes, equal parenting and parental alienation.
Brian has been an advocate for a rebuttable presumption of equal shared parenting as a solution to most high conflict parenting disputes. Brian is a co-founder of Lawyers for Shared Parenting, and an active member of several family rights organizations. He is the legal advisor to the Canadian Centre for Equality. In that capacity Brian drafted a detailed submission on a rebuttable presumption of equal shared parenting to the Justice Committee of the Canadian House of Commons and was an invited witness into its November 2018 hearings on Bill C-78, a current proposal to amend Canada’s Divorce laws. Brian anticipates making a similar presentation to the Canadian Senate when it considers the Bill in the Spring of 2019.
Previously, Brian was the principal drafter of Bill C-560, a 2014 private members’ Bill introduced in the Canadian Federal Parliament to reform family law, which made it to second reading at the time.

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