Hjälpande referenser för föräldrar – helping references for parents

Rapport med viktiga referenser från författarna till boken


med en kort introduktion av Lena Hellblom Sjögren 2016-12-22


A report with important references from the authors of the book


with a short introduction by Lena Hellblom Sjögren 2016-12-22


Det skulle vara jättefint att få möjlighet att översätta boken som doktorerna Jennifer Harman och Zeynep Biringen skrivit, men så här långt har jag inte hittat några kanaler för det. Eftersom jag är en av många som har efterfrågat information om denna bok har jag just fått en rapport. Den innehåller viktig och uppmuntrande information och bra referenser som jag vill skicka vidare.


PARENTS BEHAVING BADLY – a report from the authors of the book

It would be great to be able to translate the book by Drs Jennifer Harman and Zeynep Biringen to Swedish, but so far I have not found any funding for this. As I am one of many who have requested information about this book I have just received a report. It includes mportant and encouraging information and good references that I want to forward.


”We were interviewed and filmed about the book for the upcoming documentary ”Erasing Family,” which is directed by Ginger Gentile who also directed ”Erasing Dad.” For information about this documentary, please see www.erasingfamily.org.

In addition, we were interviewed for Debbie Carroll’s Fourth Branch on a live stream event. A recording of the event can be found here: http://impressioncampaigns.com/parentsactingbadlylivestream


Dr. Harman also wrote about the book in a recent article for the Conversation which has now been read by thousands of people and has been distributed to hundreds of news outlets.
Dr. Harman has also just helped to launch SimplyParent.org,  a new non-profit whose entire mission is to help parents who have been alienated from their children.
You can log in and learn about this new non-profit dedicated to serving parents who are alienated from their kids, and to ensuring our struggle can no longer be ignored.

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Thanks for all your support of the book! ”