Parental alienation and human rights


On Sunday, February 11th at 8 PM EST, we will have as our guest speaker for our international support conference call Dr. Lena Hellblom Sjogren. This call was not previously scheduled, but we are very excited for the opportunity to have this topic brought to us with much information and support from an expert in this field.
In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948 it says (Article 16, section 3):
“The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.”
Children, all of us, need our family roots.
Like a tree. T
he tree cannot stand without its roots. If half of the root system is cut off – what happens? Why is it so hard to understand that a child shall not have his or her roots cut off?
Eleonore Roosevelt and those who after the 2nd World War worked out the Universal Declaration of Human Rights understood the importance of the family.
In the Convention Rights of the Child from 1989 it says in article 8:
1.States Parties undertake to respect the right of the child to preserve his or her identity, including nationality, name and family relations as recognized by law without unlawful interference.”
Dr. Sjogren will be speaking to us on this topic for this call. This is an excellent topic and hits the heart and nerves of all those who are alienated family members. It is important to learn and know as much as we can on this topic not only for ourselves as alienated family members, but more importantly for our children and grandchildren.
This call will be available for you to call in on a free conference number and also those that need to Skype instead may do so. We are so fortunate to have these calls available to us. These experts do these calls as a courtesy to us. Please make these a priority and understand it is a one time call with no replays. Also I encourage you to invite and share this info with all other alienated family members as well as any professionals and legislators that have a part in some way regarding alienation and helping the children and grandchildren have what is rightfully theirs.
You may email me one question for Dr. Sjogren pertaining to the topic of the call no later than Monday, February 5th. Please note this is one day sooner than we normally have. You may register no later than Sunday, February 11th by 6 PM EST. These are firm deadlines!! Don’t miss out on this call because you do not follow these deadlines! To submit a question and / or to register, please email
Dr. Lena Hellblom Sjögren is the mother of 4 children, a grandmother of 5 and the oldest of 8 siblings.
Dr. Sjogren started to study medicine, changed to psychology, worked as a school psychologist in a suburb to Stockholm in a development project to prevent criminalization of children with the school as a base, wrote a thesis in 1985 on the transformation of the democracy within the Swedish labour movement after having researched the communication between the members and their leaders in the unions since they started until the late 1960s in two iron industry communities where she was involved with the study circles when the workers lost their jobs. She wrote books about these experiences “School in a suburb” and “The fight for work” She helped start a pedagogical magazine that she worked with for ten years parallel with taking a PhD and working extra as a not educated teacher for all grades, from first graders to university level. When having given birth to her youngest son in 1990, she took a one year post doctorial course in “Interpretation methods and Witness psychology” and founded her one woman independent company called “Testimonia”. That is still her base for her research and the psychological investigations she does and mostly is asked by a lawyer to follow up in court.
When Dr. Sjogren started, she found in her research that not reliable figures of sexual abuse were presented and that many children were treated as victims although the allegations had been found to be false, she wrote a book presenting four cases and the research about memory and suggestibility: “Secrets and Memories. How to investigate reliability in sexual criminal cases.” For more than 25 years, Dr. Sjogren’s focus has been on parental alienation and to try to put attention to the fact that many children and families – also grandparents and other family members – are harmed for life through this phenomenon to without a justified cause cut off a child from the child´s family roots.