Court expert in a parental alienation case in Australia found guilty of professional misconduct

Report received December 14, 2019 from David Curl, PhD, CEO, FOR KIDS SAKE

We’ve been generating very significant national media over the past few weeks on the issues of the (lack of) competence of many family court experts; the lack of scrutiny of court experts; and the draconian secrecy rules that prevent transparency. (There’s been additional coverage about the unsuitability of the AFCC to run any expert accreditation scheme, as they appear to be trying to do in Australia.)

Several front page headlines, editorials, letters, national TV news etc. See e.g.

For the first time, an ”expert” psychologist who failed to recognise alienation (and, in fact, contributed to it – though it’s not mentioned in the judgment – while unquestioningly adopting an alienator’s false narrative about the other parent) has been found guilty of professional misconduct.

Again for the first time ever, this ”expert” has been publicly named with (begrudging) permission of the court, despite the expert taking every measure possible – including contacting the alienating parent overseas to support his defence – to stop him being found guilty and being named.

This is a significant step forward in our campaign for change.

Happy Christmas and New Year to all,


Dr David Curl
CEO, For Kids Sake