”Twelve Essential Principles of Cognitive Science for Alienated Parents and Their Attorneys”


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Hello everyone,

Listed below are some very important things for you to read and understand before attending Sunday night’s call with Dr. Steven Miller on the topic ”Twelve Essential Principles of Cognitive Science for Alienated Parents and Their Attorneys”.  These calls are extremely important to alienated family members and professionals who work in the field of alienation. On these calls, you receive vast knowledge and support from the top experts in the world regarding alienation. These calls are complimentary and are no charge to anyone. This is a ministry of Family Access – Fighting for Children’s Rights. There are no replays of these calls so please make them a priority. Please read in full to help in having a successful call for all. Thank you!

1. The conference line will open at 7:30 PM EDT. You may call in early to chat with others if you would like. I do ask that you please do not get into a long discussion regarding your situation. I ask that not just a couple of people monopolize the time so all others wishing to speak may have the opportunity to do so. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

2. Listed below is the time zone converter. When using your time zone converter, please use EASTERN STANDARD TIME. We start promptly at 8 PM EDT. If you need to call in late or leave early, that is fine


3. Deadline to register for this call is Sunday, January 5th at 5 PM EST. This is a firm deadline!! No responses after 5 PM EST for certain as I am preparing for the call.

4. Please note if you have NOT received the call in info for this call, you are NOT registered. Check now to verify please. The number is changed each month. If you have not been given the new number for this month, you need to ask me now for it or by Sunday at 5 PM EST. 

5. Please make sure you do NOT call in as a blocked number or an 800 number. You MUST call in on the number you have given me upon registering. Any other numbers will not be allowed on this call. Sadly you will be booted from the calls otherwise. We do try to protect our callers. We sometimes get trolls. 

6. If you live in Canada or have T mobile or Metro PCS, you will be charged for the call. We do have 2 other options for you to join us with no charge to you. Please email me asap to get the info.

7. If you wish to skype the call, you need to send me a skype request if you have not already done so already now. Those skyping will also be receiving a skype message tonight from me. You must confirm on skype to that message so we know for sure that you wish to skype this call. If you do not confirm to the skype message, Chester will not skype you for the call. Chester will skype those confirmed at 7:50 PM EST. It will be a one time call so please be available otherwise you will not be able to skype this call. Chester will mute you from this end. Please do not unmute yourself during the call. Thank you much for your help with this.

8. You do NOT have permission to record these calls!  No one has permission to give out this call in information. Everyone must register with me at familyaccessinnc@aol.com

Looking forward to joining you Sunday night!

For our families,

Elaine Cobb