Boka in söndag 3 januari 2021 för att vara med och per telefon ställa frågor till och höra Steven Miller föreläsa om 10 viktiga saker att känna till

Family Access-Fighting for Children´s Rights

On Sunday, January 3, 2021 from 8-10 PM EST, Dr. Steven Miller will be our guest speaker for our monthly international seminar call. These initial calls are of no charge to anyone. This is a ministry of Family Access-Fighting for Children’s Rights. We now have 40 countries participating on our calls with over 1,100 people attending. You have the option to call in on our audio conference line, audio skype or download our desk top app.

Dealing with parental alienation can be overwhelming—not only for parents and grandparents, but for mental health and legal professionals. It is a complex clinical field. Indeed, some of the most important issues are not just clinical, they are medical—in other words, they are not just psychological, they are psychiatric. Similarly, many of the concepts are not just difficult, they are profoundly counterintuitive to the point that, in general, such cases far exceed the expertise of even the best psychologists unless they are bona fide specialists in parental alienation, realistic estrangement, and – most of all – how to tell them apart. Worse, the challenges are at least as great for attorneys and judges as they are for treating clinicians and forensic evaluators. 

Other than the fact that the subject is counterintuitive, the worst problem is the sheer volume of information that a professional (or anyone else) would need to master to accurately distinguish between alienation on the one hand and estrangement on the one hand – or, for that matter, to distinguish between a true hybrid and a pseudo-hybrid. Likewise, it can be challenging to properly handle or manage such cases, either personally or professionally. 

Therefore, the main purpose of this presentation is to identify the ten most important things that anyone needs to know in order to accurately identify and properly manage a case of parental alienation. In addition to identifying ten key points, Dr. Miller will provide a conceptual framework and conceptual tools to assist with problem-solving and decision-making. To provide but one example, in addition to knowing that such cases are counterintuitive, the single most important teaching point is probably NON-USE OF THE HIGH CONFLICT MODEL (HCM) for problem-solving and decision-making. Not only does failure to understand this all-important point run rampant in the field, but it leads to a great deal of misdiagnosis and mismanagement. (For those unfamiliar with the term, people who use the HCM as their conceptual framework tend to assume that the parents are simply high conflict people (HCPs) who cannot get along with each other; that they simply cannot or will not put their children’s needs ahead of their own. If, in fact, the underlying problem is parental alienation, then use of the HCM is not only inappropriate and inaccurate, but dangerous and unconscionable. Nevertheless—and deplorably—use of the HCM is almost ubiquitous in family courts.) 

The content of this presentation should be equally relevant to both parents and professionals, including both mental health and legal professionals. 

Dr. Miller has degrees in both Psychology and Medicine from Brown University and did residency training at Brown University and Harvard Medical School. For more than 30 years he was on the teaching faculty at Harvard Medical School. He is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine; in addition, he has many years of experience practicing Behavioral Medicine — a specialty that focuses on the interface between medicine and psychology. That background is particularly relevant to child maltreatment, child protection, child alignment, parental alienation, pathological enmeshment, and related issues since those clinical conditions are very much related to behavior, including dysfunctional, pathological, and abusive behavior. Likewise, he has several decades of experience practicing Forensic Medicine. A popular speaker, he has directed several hundred continuing education courses for physicians and other clinicians and presented over one thousand lectures on clinical reasoning, clinical problem-solving, and clinical decision-making. An internationally-known expert on alienation and estrangement – and how to distinguish one from the other – he is also an experienced expert witness, litigation consultant, and trial strategist.

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